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Daisy×Daisy promoting "Boku no Kirai na Takaramono." (2017)

Daisy×Daisy was a Japanese pop group signed to AMG MUSIC. The group was formed in 2005 by vocalist MiKA and composer yuuki. They made their debut 2007 with the mini-album pieces. However, on September 10th, 2008, yuuki announced his retirement from the group, leaving MiKA the only member of Daisy×Daisy. In 2009, MiKA collaborated with producer Asakura Daisuke for her first single as a solo artist keeping the Daisy×Daisy name.


  • Stage Name: MiKA
  • Birth Name: Kondo Mika (近藤美香)
  • Nicknames: Mi-tan (みぃたん), Kai cho (かいちょ)
  • Date of Birth: October 4, 1983 (1983-10-04) (age 35)
  • Place of Birth: Niihama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 161 cm
  • Family: Mizuki Nana (Elder Sister)
  • Pet: Hi-tan (ひぃたん) (Chihuahua)
  • Favorite Artists: Michael Jackson, Metallica
  • Favorite Color: Pink

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Daisy×Daisy promoting "Holy Shine" (2010)
Daisy×Daisy promoting "Towa no Kizuna" (2011)
Daisy×Daisy promoting "Miraiakazuki" (2012)


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