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Dear My Friend (Oto Fumi album)

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Oto Fumi
Dear My Friend
Catalog Number
  1. Kisetsu wo Dakishimete (季節を抱きしめて; Embrace the Season)
  2. Naite Ii yo (泣いていいよ; It's Ok to Cry)
  3. Kaze no Mahou ~Acoustic Version~ (風の魔法; The Wind's Magic)
  4. Kitto, Kore Kara (きっと、これから; Surely, After This)
  5. Anata to Wakareru Hi wa Zutto Konai (あなたと別れる日はずっとこない)
  6. Kono Hiroi Nohara Ippai (この広い野原いっぱい)
  7. Glass no Hitomi (硝子の瞳; The Glass Eye)
  8. Anata no Soba de (あなたのそばで; By Your Side)
  9. Tsuki no Nagisa de Aimashou (月の渚で逢いましょう; Let's Meet By the Moon's Beach)
  10. Watachibocchi (わたしぼっち)
  11. Yuuhi wo Mochinagara (夕陽を待ちながら; '"While Waiting for the Evening Sun)
  12. Kono Hiroi Nohara Ippai ~Game Ending Version~
  13. Kaze no Mahou
  14. Dear My Friend
  15. Secret Track 1
  16. Secret Track 2


Dear My Friend is Oto Fumi's first best album. It failed to chart on the Oricon charts.

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