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Devotion (Baby V.O.X)

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Album Cover
Baby V.O.X
CD Tracklist
  1. Na Eotteokhae (나 어떡해; What Should I Do?)
  2. Baraem (바램; Wish)
  3. Seulpeun Gidae (슬픈 기대; Sad Expectation)
  4. Sangcheo (상처; Scar)
  5. Saranginga Bwayo (사랑인가 봐요; Perhaps This is Love)
  6. Nareul Jabajweo (나를 잡아줘; Don't Let Me Leave)
  7. Loveless
  8. Nunmul (눈물; Tears)
  9. Geojitsarang (거짓사랑; Fake Love)
  10. Beoryeojin Ibyeol (버려진 이별; Abandoned Farewell)
  11. Majimaken (마지막엔; In the End)
  12. A.S.A.P (As soon as possible)
  13. Uyeon (Deep club Re-Mix) (우연 (Deep club Re-Mix); Accident)
  14. I'm Still Loving You


DEVOTION is the sixth album released by Baby V.O.X. "Na Eotteokhae", "Baraem" and "I'm Still Loving You" were used as the lead tracks.

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