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Album Cover
Epik High
Disc 1 Tracklist [e]motion
  1. Oceans. Sand. Trees
  2. Slow Motion
  3. Seonmul (feat. Park Ji Yoon) (선물; Gift)
  4. No More Christmas
  5. Maze (feat. Dumbfoundead, MYK)
  6. Tong Guitar (Skit) (통기타; Acoustic Guitar)
  7. Trot (트로트)
  8. Emologue
  9. Excuses (feat. MYK)
  10. Moonwalker
  11. Breathe (Mithra's Word) (feat. Han Hee Jeong) (Mithra Jin Solo)
  12. Happy Birthday to Me (feat. Ha Dong Qn)
  13. Heaven (feat. MYK)
  14. Owls. Shadows. Tears.
  15. Slow [e] Motion (Bonus Track)
Disc 2 Tracklist [e]nergy
  1. Orchestras. Spotlights. Turntables. (feat. MYK)
  2. Still Here (feat. Dok2)
  3. Sensitive Thug (Skit)
  4. Ttarahae (Wannabe) (따라해; Following)
  5. Rocksteady (feat. Kero One, Dumbfoundead, MYK, Rakka)
  6. Madonna (feat. Mellow)
  7. Mallomaen (말로맨; Loudmouth)
  8. Shopaholic
  9. Supreme 100 (Tablo Solo)
  10. High Technology
  11. Rocksteady (Korean Ver.) (feat. Paloalto, Dok2, Beatbox DG, Beenzino)
  12. High Skool Dropout (Banhanghaji Ma) (반항하지 마; Do Not Struggle)
  13. Hyung (feat. MYK, YDG, Dok2) (흉; Speaking Ill)
  14. Lesson 4 (Tablo's Word)
  15. Organs. Screams. Televisions.


[e] is the sixth album released by Epik High. It was released in a 2CD format only, and included a 74-page mini-book. The songs "Heaven", "Trot", "Ttarahae (Wannabe)", and "High Technology" were used as the lead tracks.

The album has been described very experimental with genres like: electro-hop, dance-pop, classical, acoustic rock, and traditional Korean trot music. Disc 1 contains lyrics and songs styled like their controversial fourth album; whereas Disc 2 contains more radio-friendly lyrics and songs.

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