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EXO-K promoting Overdose (2014)

EXO-K is a Korean pop sub group of the SM Entertainment group EXO. EXO-K was created to promote Korean EXO songs.


  • Su Ho (Leader, Lead Vocalist)
  • Baek Hyun (Lead Vocalist)
  • Chan Yeol (Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist)
  • D.O. (Main Vocalist)
  • Kai (Main Dancer, Visual, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist)
  • Se Hun (Lead Dancer, Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Makane)


EXO-K promoting MAMA (2012)


Digital Singles


  • [2012.11.12] 19th Korean Entertainment Arts Awards - Best New Artist
  • [2012.12.21] Arirang's Simply KPOP - Super Rookie Idol 2012
  • [2013.01.15] 27t Golden Disk Awards - Rookie Award

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