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Egao no Loop (AAA)

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CD+DVD Cover
CD Cover
FC Edition Cover
Egao no Loop (笑顔のループ)
Catalog Number
AVCD-94252/B (CD+DVD)
AVCD-94253 (CD)
AVC1-94254 (FC Edition)
¥3,240 (FC Edition)
¥2,052 (CD+DVD)
¥1,188 (CD)
CD Tracklist
  1. Egao no Loop (笑顔のループ)
  2. Egao no Loop (Instrumental)
  3. Gasshou Egao no Loop [Suzukake Jidou Gasshoudan] (合唱 笑顔のループ [すずかけ児童合唱団])
  4. Gasshou Egao no Loop [Suzukake Jidou Gasshoudan] (Instrumental)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Egao no Loop (Music Clip)
  2. Egao no Loop (Music Clip Making)


"Egao no Loop" is the 56th single released by AAA. It was released in five versions: a CD+DVD edition, a CD edition, and a fanclub (FC) CD+GOODS edition that comes with original sachets (lavender and rose). The title track was used as the December 2018 and January 2019 theme song for the NHK TV program Minna no Uta.

Song Information

Kenn Kato
Ohnishi Katsumi
Other Information
Arrangement: Shimizu Takehito

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