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FiVe was a Johnny's Jr. unit created in 1999. At the end of 2011 this group disbanded.


Members of FiVe

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Like the Johnny's Jr. Question?, FiVe is a group known for playing instruments. They are usually seen as a back band to other Johnny's Entertainment acts for their concerts. They were originally formed as a four member band. There has been few changes in the line up since their creation. In 2004 they had their first live series of concerts and since then have performed other lives.

During the live in Nagoya on March 2nd, 2011, Nakaegawa Rikiya announced, that he would get married with an ordinary woman on the 3rd March. He listed Takizawa Hideaki, Imai Tsubasa and Shibutani Subaru to sign his marriage registration as witnesses. [1]

In 2011 there was a live concert planned for March 17th, but because of the disaster, that happened in Japan on March 11th, the concert was cancled. Later it was announced that the live will be replaced on May 27th.

During live on December 30th, 2011, they announced that Ishigaki Daisuke would be leaving the band and just be a member of Question? and the rest of them would be leaving Johnny's.

In 2012 Nakaegawa Rikiya, Uesato Ryouta and Makino Kouji then returned to the music sceene as Plan-B and took part at SHIBUYA LIVE RALLY.


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