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Gaseumi Ttwinda (mini-album)

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Mini-Album Cover
Gaseumi Ttwinda (가슴이 뛴다; Heart Beats)
  1. Bunda (분다; Blow)
  2. Ibi Tteoreojiji Anhaseo (입이 떨어지지 않아서; Speechless)
  3. Gaseumi Ttwinda (가슴이 뛴다; Heart Beats)
  4. Jeungsang (증상; Symptoms)
  5. Giga Cha (feat. Simon D & Hyo Rin) (기가 차; Amazed)
  6. Seonmul (feat. Eun Ji Won) (선물; Present)
  7. Ibi Tteoreojiji Anhaseo (Inst.) (입이 떨어지지 않아서)
  8. Gaseumi Ttwinda (Inst.) (가슴이 뛴다)


Gaseumi Ttwinda is K.Will's second mini-album. The title track and the song "Ibi Tteoreojiji Anhaseo" were used as lead tracks. The music video for the title track featured singer IU and MBLAQ member Joon.

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