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Gensou Teien

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Gensou Teien Cover
Gensou Teien+1 Cover
Ari Project
Gensou Teien (幻想庭園; Fantastic Garden)
Gensou Teien+1 (幻想庭園) (1996 Re-issue)
1991.11.25 (Re-issue)
1996.11.11 (Re-issue)
2002.09.01 (Re-issue)
Catalog Number
VMCH-1008 (1991 Re-issue)
PFR-6020 (1996 Re-issue)
ZZXA-2007 (2002 Re-issue)
  1. Seigagetsu (青蛾月; Moon of Green Planthoppers)
  2. Marigold Garden (マリーゴールド・ガーデン)
  3. Kyoumenkai in Juni (鏡面界; Mirror Surface World in June)
  4. Ange Noir no Saigi (アンジェ・ノワールの祭戯; Black Angel of Suspicion)
  5. Akai Suiren no Gogo (紅い睡蓮の午後; Afternoon of Crimson Water Lilies)
  6. Sakura no Hana wa Kuruizaki (桜の花は狂い咲き; Cherry Blossoms are Blooming Madly)
  7. Shoujo Irenka (少女忌恋歌; The Forbidden Love Song of the Girls)
  8. Parasol no Aru Fuukei (パラソルのある風景; Scene With a Parasol)
  9. Garasu Tenjou no Uchuu (硝子天井のうちゅう; Sky With a Glass Ceiling)
  10. Gensou Teien (幻想庭園; Fantastic Garden)
  11. Poupée Frou Frou (instrument)
  12. Flower Child (フラワーチャイルド) (Gensou Teien+1 Bonus Track)


Gensou Teien is the indies debut album released by ALI PROJECT under their first group name Ari Project (蟻プロジェクト). It was originally released in CD and LP formats by Polydor Rocords, however, since then, the album has been re-issued three times by three different labels, VAAM in 1991, PROP-FIZZ in 1996, and ALI PROJECT's own label ZAZOU Records in 2002 (only sold through the group fan club). The album did not chart on the Oricon charts.

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