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Going Seventeen

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Make The Seventeen Cover
Make It Happen Cover
Make A Wish Cover
Digital Cover
Going Seventeen
  1. Beautiful (Mix Unit Ver.)
  2. Boom Boom (붐붐)
  3. Highlight (Performance Team Ver.)
  4. Gidae (기대; Expectation) (Hip Hop Team Ver.)
  5. Ppaleun Georeum (빠른 걸음; Fast Pace)
  6. Mollae Deudji Mayo (몰래 듣지 마요; Don't Listen in Secret) (Mix Unit Ver.)
  7. Geulsse (글쎄; Well) (Vocal Team Ver.)
  8. Useumkkoch (웃음꽃; Laughter)


Going Seventeen is the third mini-album released by SEVENTEEN. It was released in four different editions: a Make The Seventeen Ver., Make It Happen Ver., Make A Wish Ver., and the digital version. The song "Boom Boom" was used as the lead track.

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