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Goong S OST

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Album Cover
Various Artists
Goong S OST (궁S)
  1. Goong S (궁S)
  2. Howl - Miracle
  3. J - Jeonhaji Motal Mal (전하지 못할 말; Words I Could Not Tell You)
  4. A&P - Namu (나무; Trees)
  5. Dong Bang Shin Ki - Remember (Drama Ver.)
  6. Vanilla Unity - Neowa Hamkke - (너와 함께; Together With You)
  7. Yellow Tail - Super Bike (Drama Ver.)
  8. Sorea - Sarangbaragi - (사랑바라기; Wishing for Love)
  9. Vanilla Unity - Joha Joha (Drama Ver.) (좋아좋아; Good Good)
  10. Miracle Ballad Orc. Version
  11. Hwain (화인)
  12. Who?
  13. Gyeongbokgung Jig (경복궁 Jig)
  14. Secret Waltz
  15. Pungnaegunsangeog (風來君相億(풍래군상억); When the Wind Comes, I Think of You)
  16. Goong Iyagi (궁 이야기; Palace Story)
  17. Secret Waltz (With Strings)
  18. Bakkeuro Dachin Chang (밖으로 닫힌 창; Window Closed from the Outside)
  19. Gureum Gateun Sesang (구름 같은 세상; A World Like Clouds)
  20. Miracle Happy Run Ver.


Goong S OST is the soundtrack album of the Korean drama Goong S starring SE7EN. All the instrumental tracks were recorded by Korean instrumental band Alice In Neverland. The song "Miracle" was used as main theme for the drama.

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