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Gyaku Tsutsumotase

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DVD Cover
Gyaku Tsutsumotase (逆・美人局; Reverse Badger Game)
Catalog Number
  1. Mayura↑↓Pisaroto...? (マユラ↑↓ピサロト...?)
  2. Boku, Shimobe. (僕、僕。; I, Servant.)
  3. Gyaku Gire (逆ギレ; Inverted Angry Outburst)
  4. Shinbun Masukomi Kankeisha no Kata e... (新聞マスコミ関係者の方へ...; To the Concerned Persons at the Mass Communications Newspaper)
  5. Itsuwari no Jouzai (偽リノ錠剤; False Pills)
  6. Route「U」
  7. Occult Proposal (オカルトプロポーズ)
  8. Wagahai wa, Korosuke Nari... (我輩ハ、殺女成リ...; I, Become a Woman Killer)
  9. peko-crash-trap@
  10. ...-san ga Koronda!! (...サンガコロンダ!!; ...-san Fell Down!!)
  11. Torikabuto (とりかぶと; Aconitum carmichaelii)
    Encore 1
  12. Kichigai TV (人間界TV; Human World TV)
  13. Toumei na Kago (透明ナカゴ; Transparent Cage)
  14. Heiwa no Utai (平和ノ謡; Chant of Peace)
    Encore 2
  15. Waisetsu Ningyou (ワイセツ人形; Obscene Doll)


"Gyaku Tsutsumotase" is the second live and third overall DVD released by Vidoll. It was released on the same day as the single "Ningyo". This was filmed on March 19th, 2004 at Shibuya O-EAST at the "Gyaku Tsutsumotase" concert live. During the live the cover song "Gizagiza Heart no Komoriuta" was distributed for free and 1,000 copies of "Kichigai TV" was sold. The live was meant to be a release party for the single "Wagahai wa, Korosuke Nari...". This is a limited release having only 5,000 copies. The DVD reached #95 on the Oricon chart, where it charted for a week.

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