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Gyeoure Naerineun Nunmul

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Mini-Album Cover
Gyeoure Naerineun Nunmul (겨울에 내리는 눈물)
  1. Doni Manhi Saenggimyeon (돈이 많이 생기면)
  2. Wae Naega Apa (왜 내가 아파)
  3. Gaji Marayo (가지 말아요)
  4. Gamgi Ttaemune (감기 때문에)
  5. Myeot Wol Myeochil Myeot Si (feat. Mighty Mouth) (몇 월 며칠 몇 시)
  6. Gaji Marayo (inst.) (가지 말아요)
  7. Ulgo, Bulgo... (울고 불고…) (Bonus Track)


Gyeoure Naerineun Nunmul is Zi-A's fourth mini-album. The song "Gaji Marayo" was used as lead track. The song "Myeot Wol Myeochil Myeot Si" was released one month earlier as a teaser for the mini-album.

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