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Hachimitsu (Spitz)

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Album Cover
Hachimitsu (ハチミツ)
1997.02.02 (LP)
2002.10.16 (Remastered Re-release)
2008.12.17 (SHM-CD Re-release)
Catalog Number
POJH-1004 (LP)
UPCH-1187 (Remastered Re-release)
UPCH-1677 (SHM-CD Re-release)
¥3,059 (LP)
¥2,500 (Remastered Re-release)
¥2,700 (SHM-CD Re-release)
CD Tracklist
  1. Hachimitsu (ハチミツ)
  2. Namida ga Kirari☆ (涙がキラリ☆)
  3. Arukidase, Clover (歩き出せ、クローバー)
  4. Lunaluna (ルナルナ)
  5. Ai no Kotoba (愛のことば)
  6. Tongari'95 (トンガリ'95)
  7. Ajisai Toori (あじさい通り)
  8. Robinson (ロビンソン)
  9. Y
  10. Grasshopper (グラスホッパー)
  11. Kimi to Kurasetara (君と暮らせたら)
LP Tracklist
  • Side A
  1. Tongari'95 (トンガリ'95)
  2. Arukidase, Clover (歩き出せ、クローバー)
  3. Robinson (ロビンソン)
  4. Lunaluna (ルナルナ)
  5. Ajisai Toori (あじさい通り)
  • Side B
  1. Y
  2. Ai no Kotoba (愛のことば)
  3. Hachimitsu (ハチミツ)
  4. Namida ga Kirari☆ (涙がキラリ☆)
  5. Grasshopper (グラスホッパー)
  6. Kimi to Kurasetara (君と暮らせたら)


Hachimitsu is the sixth album released by Spitz. First press edition comes housed in a sleeve case. The title track, "Hachimitsu", and the song "Y" were used as insert songs for the anime Honey And Clover, additionally "Y" was also used as insert song for the drama Hakusen Nagashi. The album features the same cover art for all the versions, original, LP and re-released editions. The album reached #1 on Oricon weekly charts, and charted for 57 weeks, becoming their first #1 album. It also become 1995's best #12 sold album.

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