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Hashida Mirei

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Hashida Mirei (2010)
Hashida Mirei (2009)

Hashida Mirei is a soloist signed under Sony. She is a former member of Hello! Project as a Hello! Pro Egg who graduated in June 2007.


  • Name: Hashida Mirei (橋田三令)
  • Nicknames: Miree, Oppai-chan, Mii
  • Birthday: April 28, 1992 (1992-04-28) (age 26)
  • Birthplace: Chiba Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood type: B
  • Height: 157 cm
  • Hello! Project groups:



Featured Singles

As Hashida Mirei (Hello! Pro Egg)
As MIREI (soloist)
  • [2008.08.06] Girls Bonmatsuri (Girls盆祭り) Track 1 (ソーラン節 feat. MIREI; Soran Bushi feat. MIREI); track 7 (ソーラン節 feat. MIREI Remixed By EIGO; Soran Bushi feat. MIREI Remixed By EIGO)
  • [2010.09.01] Wait For You (YASTIN(feat.三令); YASTIN (feat.Mirei))

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