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Hinoi Asuka

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Hinoi Asuka is a Japanese pop & Eurobeat artist.


  • Name: Hinoi Asuka (樋井明日香)
  • Birthday: January 8, 1991
  • Birthplace: Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  • Height: 158cm
  • Blood type: B
  • Special skills: Sleeping case by case!
  • Hobbies: Looking at stars and small kids, writing song lyrics
  • Favorite color: Black, red
  • Favorite food: Umeboshi, tomato
  • Current obsessions: Staring at beautiful people
  • Motto: Unexpected nature
  • Favorite artists: BoA, DREAMS COME TRUE, YUI


In 2002 Hinoi Asuka auditioned to be in the movie Dodge Go! Go!. She was chosen along with Hiroshige Miho and Koyama Hikaru to form the group LOVE&PEACE. They released their first single, "DRIFTER", under the Pony Canyon label and Vision Factory management without much success.

In 2003 Asuka and Hikaru joined up with Fujiwara Yuho to form the group mezzo piano. They never debuted, though the announcement had been made. Later the same year Asuka became a solo artist, with the help of Kawase Tomoko (better known as Tommy february6). Tomoko agreed to produce Asuka's first solo single, "Wanna be your girl friend". It was featured as the ending theme for Ashita Tenki ni Naare. The single made it to #60 on the Oricon charts.

Five months later, a second single followed. "Tatta Hitori no Kimi" was different from Asuka's first single, and was dubbed as "punk-pop" by famous songwriter Ijichi Hiromasa. Though her second single gained her more popularity, it only reached #79 on the Oricon charts.

On December 4th, 2004 it was announced that Asuka would be leader of a group called HINOI TEAM. Auditions had been held at the dance and vocal school CALESS. Originally the other members consisted of Hikaru, Matsuoka Keika, and Inoue Mizuki, but it was decided that Takenaka Rina would be in the group as well. The group's debut was set for February 5th, 2005, but ended up being pushed back until May 18th. Their second single, KING KONG was announced even before the debut single had been released. It was also around this time that the group name changed from "HINOI TEAM" to "HINOIチーム" (Hinoi Chiimu).

It was announced in 2007 that Asuka would begin her solo career again. It is assumed at this time that HINOI TEAM will continue on as well.


Note: Unless otherwise noted, all singles here are Asuka's solo works.




  • [2002.01] Pure Love
  • [2002.11] Pure Love II
  • [2003.07] Kunimitsu no Matsuri
  • [2003.09] Pure Love III
  • [2007.04] Oniyome Nikki Ii Yudana

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