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Home (Angela Aki single)

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Single Cover
Angela Aki
Catalog Number
  1. HOME
  2. Kiseki (奇跡; Miracle)
  3. Will You Dance

Angela Aki
HOME -The 57th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen version- (HOME -第57回NHK紅白歌合戦ヴァージョン-)
  1. HOME -The 57th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen version- (HOME -第57回NHK紅白歌合戦ヴァージョン-)


"HOME" is the first single released by Angela Aki, and also it's her first major label release. "Will You Dance" is a Janis Ian cover. The single reached #38 on Oricon weekly charts, and charted for 15 weeks, selling 15,033 copies.

On December 31st, 2006, a NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen version of the title track was released as her first digital single.

TV Performances

Song Information

Angela Aki promoting the single
Angela Aki
Angela Aki
Other Information
Arrangement: Matsuoka Motoki, Angela Aki
Drums: Muraishi Masayuki
Bass: Okiyama Yuuji
Hammond Guitar: Ito Takahiro
Electric & Acoustic Guitar: Matsuoka Motoki
Piano: Angela Aki

Music Video

HOME is Angela Aki's first major label single song, but the third to have a promotional video. In the video, you are able to see Angela playing the piano set to a white background, and gradually her family appears around her.

Angela Quotes

  • "This is my major debut single. This song is a love song where I come face-to-face with my 'Home'. However, I'm not singing about my birthplace, Tokushima, or even Okayama. I'm singing about a family's unconditional love. I was thinking of the ones I love when I wrote the song. I'm sure that this will be the one song that keeps coming back to me in my career." -- Angela Aki


There are four known versions of HOME to be found in Angela's discography. These include:

Found on the HOME single as #1, as well as the Home album as track #12.
HOME -piano version-
Found on the Sakurairo single as #4 (it is the bonus track). This differs from the original as it is a solo piano recording.
HOME (Live 2006/10/12 in ZEPP TOKYO)]]
Found on the Sakurairo single's limited edition DVD as #2. This was recorded during Angela's "HOME" Zepp Tour.
HOME (My Keys 2006 Live)
Found on the Angela Aki MY KEYS 2006 in Budoukan DVD as track #13. This version is performed solo with the piano.
HOME -The 57th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen version-
Found on the HOME -The 57th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen version- digital single as #1.

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