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Ice Creamusume

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Ice Creamusume (2009)

Ice Creamusume (アイスクリー娘。) was a Japanese pop and Chinese pop girl group managed by Up-Front Agency and part of Hello! Project. In Taiwan they are officially known as Bing Qi Lin Shao Nu Zu (冰淇淋少女組。)



Ice Creamusume was formed in 2008 by the six winners of the Hello! Project New Star auditions in Taiwan. Each member was given a nickname to make them more accessible to a Japanese audience as well as an ice cream flavor to which they are associated, similar to the colors of early Morning Musume and °C-ute. Those ice cream flavors; Shenshen - blueberry, Anchii - coffee, Peipei - vanilla, Youko - strawberry, Reirei - mint chocolate chip, and Guu-chan - mango. The group made their concert debut at Hello! Project's 2009 Winter concert tour, and have also performed at Hello! Project's 2009 Summer concert tour.

Ice Creamusume became inactive in late 2009, and was removed from the official Hello! Project website in 2010.

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