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It's Brand New (album)

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Album Cover
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her
It's Brand New
Catalog Number
  1. It's brand new
  2. school lunch
  3. A touch
  4. A shotgun & me
  5. red talk
  6. A shotgun & me (Real Body Remix)
  7. she
  8. CREAM
  9. I feel my heart move
  10. criminal
  11. Darlin' here I am
  12. sisters of joy
  13. ELVIS


It's Brand New is the second studio album released by Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her, and it is the band's first studio album to be released on a major label. The title track was released later on as a re-cut single, on a vinyl record. This album was a big change for the band, and dealt with a lot of lo-fi effects and sonic experimentation. All of the lyrics and music on the album were composed, produced, and all the effects were thought of and created by Higurashi Aiha herself. Many of the songs have less of a rock sound and more of a Shibuya-kei feel. After the album was released the band when on a major world tour, playing shows in Japan, USA, and United Kingdom. The album failed to chart on the weekly Oricon chart.

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