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It's Different

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Album Cover
It's Different
  1. Gummy Skills (intro)
  2. Hago Sipeosseo (하고 싶었어; Wanted to)
  3. Nae Gyeote Jami Deun I Bame (내 곁에 잠이 든 이 밤에; Sleeping Beside Me Tonight)
  4. Nal Geuman Ijeoyo (날 그만 잊어요; Please Forget Me)
  5. Gieoksangsil (기억상실; Memory Loss)
  6. Love Again (feat. Ha Dong Kyun (하동균))
  7. Tonight (feat. Wheesung (휘성))
  8. Dance Dance (feat. Song Baek Kyung (송백경))
  9. Geunyeoboda Naega Mwaga (feat. Perry) (그녀보다 내가 뭐가; What Makes Her Better than Me)
  10. So Much (feat. Masta Wu (마스터 우))
  11. Witches (Doo-Loo-Wap) (feat. Taebin, Lee Eun Joo (태빈,이은주))
  12. Round 1 (feat. Lexy, Jinu (렉시,지누))
  13. Inyeon (인연; Meant to Be)
  14. It Don't Matter No More
  15. Singing My Blues (outro)
  16. Nal Geuman Ijeoyo (acoustic version) (날 그만 잊어요; Please Forget Me)


It's Different is Gummy's second album.

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