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It's Here

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Album Cover
Kahimi Karie
It's Here
Catalog Number
  1. Nouveau Paradis
  2. Time Travelers
  3. The silence in a storm
  4. Love is the fruit
  5. Animal Architecture (動物建築)
  6. Monkey & Me
  7. I Come Here
  8. Ce monde est comme une horloge (この世界はまるでひとつの時計のよう)
  9. All
  10. Our bridge in the sunshine


It's Here is the seventh full length album recorded by Kahimi Karie. This is her first musical release since 2008's "Music For Nipper". It was self-produced by Kahimi, and features Oka Ichiro and Kamata Satoshi as executive producers. It's Here is her second record where she collaborated with Jim O'Rourke (previously on 2006's NUNKI); he wrote three songs on the album and played a multitude of instruments throughout the recording of the album. It was released along side Kahimi's new skin care line Preens.

The album reached #155 on the weekly Oricon chart, where it only ranked for one week.

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