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Jiayou! Ni You Me!

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Single Cover
alan (feat. Vision Wei)
Jiāyoú! Nǐ Yoǔ ME! (加油! 你有ME!)
  1. Jiāyoú! Nǐ Yoǔ ME! (加油! 你有ME!; Go! You Have ME!)


"Jiāyoú! Nǐ Yoǔ ME!" is the third Chinese digital single released by alan. The song is a duet with Vision Wei, which was used to promote EPSON China's ME 30/300 printers and to encourage Chinese students. The title song along with its MV is featured on alan's Chinese major debut album Xīn De Dōngfāng. The song's title uses the phrase "Jiāyoú" which literally means "add fuel", but as an expression it means Go! or Be Stronger!. It's used as cheers for sporting events, or to encourage people.

Song Information

Francis Lee
Bi Kuoyong
Other Information
Arrangement: Chen Lei