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K-ON! (2011) (L-R) Nakana Azusa, Hirasawa Yui, Tainaka Ristu, Akiyama Mio, Kotobuki Tsumugi

K-ON! (けいおん!) is a four-panel manga series written and illustrated by Kakifly. It was first published in May 2007 by Houbunsha in their manga magazine Manga Time Kirara. The story is about four Japanese girls who join the school's light music club to stop it from being canceled. A 13-episode anime adaptation aired on TBS in 2009, followed by a 26-episode second season, K-ON!! (けいおん!!), in 2010. An anime film was released into theaters in Japan on December 3, 2011.

The anime was dubbed into English and aired on Animax Asia in 2010. At Anime Expo 2010, Bandai Entertainment announced they had licensed the series in America and the series was re-dubbed into English by Bang Zoom! Entertainment.


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There have been many K-ON! and K-ON!! single and album releases. All the music related to the show has been released by Pony Canyon.



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