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Kalafina Live the Best 2015 "Red Day" at Nippon Budokan

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Blu-ray Cover
DVD Cover
Blu-ray / DVD
Kalafina LIVE THE BEST 2015 "Red Day" at Nippon Budokan (Kalafina LIVE THE BEST 2015 “Red Day” at日本武道館)
Catalog Number
SEXL-62 (Blu-ray)
SEBL-194 (DVD)
¥6,800 (Blu-ray)
¥5,800 (DVD)
  1. prelude~misterioso
  2. Te to Te to Me to Me (テトテトメトメ; Hand in Hand and Looking into Each Other's Eyes)
  3. fantasia
  4. ~MC01~
  5. Lacrimosa
  6. Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa (輝く空の静寂には; In the Silence of a Shining Sky)
  7. ARIA
  8. believe
  9. moonfesta (moonfesta ~ムーンフェスタ~)
  10. neverending
  11. Hikari Furu (ひかりふる; Light Falls)
  12. Hikari no Senritsu (光の旋律; Melody of Light)
  13. When the fairy tale ends (from "Kara no Kyoukai")
  14. fairytale
  15. oblivious
  16. Kyrie
  17. consolation
  18. Ongaku (音楽; Music)
  19. ~MC02~
  20. Yume no Daichi (夢の大地; Land of Dreams)
  • Encore
  1. overture~Eden
  2. Mune no Yukue (胸の行方; Whereabouts of the Heart)
  3. ~MC03~
  4. Alleluia (アレルヤ; Hallelujah)
  • Bonus Footage
  1. Document of Japan Expo 2014 in Paris


Kalafina LIVE THE BEST 2015 "Red Day" at Nippon Budokan is Kalafina's fourth video release.

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