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Kryzler & Company

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Kryzler & Company

Kryzler & Company (クライズラー&カンパニー) was a Japanese classical/new age band from 1987 to 1996. In 1987, Hakase, Takeshita, and Saito formed the "Kryzler & Company" while attending Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku. Three years later, the group released their first single, entitled "Ai no Yorokobi", which was used as an ending theme for the NTV show Sanma Kazuki no Icchokkami de Yansu.

In 1996, the group performed on the soundtrack for the Playstation game RING OF SIAS. They also collobrated with Yonemitsu Miho on the single "Koibito yo ~TO LOVE YOU MORE", a cover of the same-titled song by Céline Dion in which Taro took part in. However, before the year was up, the group disbanded with each member pursuing their own musical careers.



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