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Kuroishi Hitomi

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Kuroishi Hitomi promoting Angel Feather Voice (2008)

Kuroishi Hitomi (黒石ひとみ) Japanese pop singer-songwriter signed to flying DOG. For her singing career, Kuroishi credits herself as Hitomi. She is known for her soft voice and music.



Kuroishi Hitomi made her debut as a singer in by singing 1989 for Artland OVA. In 1991, she started composing in 1991 with Arika's song Mister J wo Sagashite. In the year 2003, together with Fujiwara Maki and Yamamoto Yuki, Kuroishi formed the short lived unit Dolce Triade to sing insert songs for the anime LAST EXILE. In that time, she also started to credit herself with just her first name Hitomi for her singing career. From the year 2006 to 2008, Kuroishi collaborated with composer Nakagawa Kotaro to compose soundtracks for the two seasons of Code Geass in which she also sung insert songs for. On August 18, 2008, Kuroishi released her debut album Angel Feather Voice, a compilation of songs performed by her in various anime series. In the year 2009, she worked on the soundtracks of Shangri-La and produces singer midori.



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