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Level 42

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Single Cover
Kimura Kaela
Level 42
2004.05.10 (Indies)
Catalog Number
  1. Level 42
  2. Whatever Are You Looking For?
  3. Level 42 (Instrumental)
  4. Whatever Are You Looking For? (Instrumental)


"Level 42" is the debut single recorded by Kimura Kaela. It was used as the ending song for the early morning TV program saku saku, which Kimura starred on. Initially it was released as limited indie edition, with only 390 copies being made (each cost 390 yen) and it was only sold at the Shinseido store in Kanagawa. The single ended up selling out with-in the first three minutes, and brought a crowd of over 2,000 people. The single was re-released a month later under the major label Columbia Records.

The single reached #14 on the weekly Oricon chart, and it continued to rank for a total of 14 weeks. "Level 42" sold 8,681 copies during its first week, and went on to sell a total of 30,056 copies.

Song Information

Kimura Kaela
Yamazawa Taiyou
Other Information
Arrangement: Mutou Hoshiji

Music Video

The music video for "Level 42" was a low budget video. It features Kimura running around a stationary microphone playing her guitar and singing. The video was shot at Yokohama's Saintly Hall.


There are currently three versions of "Level 42" to be currently found in Kimura Kaela's discography.

Level 42
Found on the "Level 42" single as track one. It is later found on the best of compilations 5years (track #1) and 10years (track #12). This is the standard version of the song, which is set to the music video.
Level 42 (Instrumental)
Found on the "Level 42" single as track four. This verson is the standard version but without the vocals.
Level 42 (Album Take)
Found on the KAELA album as track #7. This verson has a slightly different arrangement than the version found on the single.


Kimura made her music TV debut on the POP JAM program where she recieved a 78.9% on the show for her performance and ended up in third place on their BREAK RADAR NEO RANKINGS chart.



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