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CD+DVD (MV) Cover
CD Cover
Catalog Number
AVCD-96004/B (CD+DVD (MV))
AVCD-96005/B (CD+DVD (LIVE))
AVCD-96006 (CD)
¥4,104 (CD+DVDs)
¥3,000 (CD)
CD Tracklist
  1. ice cream
  2. trigger
  3. nanana
  4. power of the dream
  5. just go!!
  6. Aitai Kimochi (アイタイキモチ)
  7. melody
  8. love & smile
  9. 3 pieces
  10. playback
  11. Yume no Mukou (夢のムコウ)
  12. Wasurenai (ワスレナイ)
  13. xmas kiss
  14. with u (CD only)
DVD Tracklist
  • MUSIC VIDEO Edition
  1. trigger (music Video)
  2. ice cream (music video)
  3. love & smile (music Video)
  4. Aitai Kimochi (Music Video)
  5. Wasurenai (lyric video)
  6. nanana (music video)
  7. xmas kiss (music video)
  8. hanauta -short film-
  9. trigger music video -behind the scenes-
  • LIVE Edition
  1. ice cream live video -scream ver.
  2. spank!! live video -scream ver.
  3. pop that!! live video -scream ver.
  4. girlfriend live video -scream ver.
  5. Aitai Kimochi live video -scream ver.
  6. fire! live video -scream ver.
  7. love & smile dance practice video
  8. just go!! dance practice video
  9. playback dance practice video
  10. scream behind the scenes


lml is the second studio album released by lol. It was released in three versions: two CD+DVD editions (a MUSIC VIDEO edition and a LIVE edition) and a CD edition.

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