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Love Voyage ~A Place of My Heart~

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Limited Edition (DVD) Cover
Regular Edition (DVD) Cover
Blu-ray Cover
Nishino Kana
Love Voyage ~a place of my heart~
Catalog Number
SEBL-144 (Limited Edition (DVD))
SEBL-145 (Regular Edition (DVD))
SEXL-17 (Blu-ray)
¥5,500 (Limited Edition (DVD))
¥5,000 (Regular Edition (DVD))
¥6,000 (Blu-ray)
  1. Love Voyage ~a place of my heart~ Opening
  2. Love Voyage 1 Family
  3. Kimi tte (Private Live-1) (君って; You)
  4. Love Voyage 2 Lost
  5. Aitakute Aitakute (Private Live-2) (会いたくて 会いたくて; I Want to See You, I Want to See You)
  6. Be Strong (Private Live-3)
  7. Love Voyage 3 Home
  8. Kono Mama de (Private Live-4) (このままで; Like This)
  9. Love Voyage kiss & hug
  10. Love Voyage 4 Love
  11. beloved (Private Live-5)
  12. Dear… (Private Live-6)
  13. Love Voyage interview-1
  14. Love Voyage 5 Friends
  15. Watashitachi (Private Live-7) (私たち; Us)
  16. Love Voyage 6 Everybody
  17. Every Boy Every Girl (Private Live-8)
  18. GIRLS GIRLS (Private Live-9)
  19. Love Voyage 7 Affection
  20. Always (Private Live-10)
  21. Love Voyage to Juliet
  22. Love Voyage interview-2
  23. Love Voyage Love Song
  24. Love Voyage ~a place of my heart~ Ending


Love Voyage ~a place of my heart~ is the second DVD and Blu-ray released by Nishino Kana. It features an unplugged live, a documentary and an interview. The DVD peaked at #6 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 5 weeks.

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