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MA-Mix is a Johnny's Jr. group focusing in dancing.




MA was a Johnny's Jr. group with members with great dancing skills. The members were Yara Tomoyuki (屋良 朝幸), Yonehana Tsuyoshi, Machida Shingo and Akiyama Jun. The leader of this group was Machida Shingo. "MA" stands for Musical Academy. Ever since, this group worked in musical and stage shows, such as PLAYZONE and SHOCK.
In 2000 Machida Shingo created the group M.A.D..

They had many works in supporting stage plays, produced by their company. And in 2006 they started to perform in The Shounen Club Premium. Here they had their own segment, where they show their dancing skills by collaborating with non dancers, such as animals, acrobat performers and nature. At first this corner was called as MA Collabomap!.
December 2006 Yara Tomoyuki was selected by Takizawa Hideaki to also became a member of Butoukan for Shounen Club.

Then on March 22, 2007 they decided to chang the segment's name to MA "Dancin' with JAPAN". During this year Akiyama Jun got suspended from being a member of MA, because pictures of him and his girlfriend were posted online. MA was then left with 3 members. The next year Akiyama left Johnny's.

In 2008 the segment name became MA Dancin' with JAPAN'08.

In 2009 Yara Tomoyuki got a chance to perform in PLAYZONE 2009 as part of the main characters together with Kis-My-Ft2 and Uchi Hiroki. The other MAmembers weren't going to be in this PLAYZONE. Because of this MA was than reduced to 2 members only.

Later this group was added with 4 members of M.A.D., Tatsumi Yudai, Fukuda Yuta, Koshioka Yuki and Matsuzaki Yusuke, to become MA-Mix.


In June 2009 this group perform at The Shounen Club Premium show in a corner called Meet The MA-Mix!, where they show off their dancing talent.
This corner kind of replaced MA Dancin' with JAPAN'08.




  • [1997] PLAYZONE '97 -RHYTHM II-
  • [1998] PLAYZONE '98 -5 nights-
  • [1999] PLAYZONE '99 -Goodbye&Hello-
  • [2000] PLAYZONE '00 -THEME PARK-
  • [2002] PLAYZONE '02 -Aishi-
  • [2003] PLAYZONE '03 -VACATION


  • [2000.11.02 - 2000.11.26] MILLENNIUM SHOCK - 38 shows
  • [2001.12.01 - 2002.01.27] SHOCK (ショー劇・SHOCK) 76 shows
  • [2002.06.04 - 2002.06.28] SHOCK (ショー劇・SHOCK) 38 shows
  • [2003.01.08 - 2003.02.25] SHOCK is Real SHOCK - 76 shows
  • [2004.02.06 - 2004.02.29] Shocking SHOCK - 38 shows
  • [2005.01.08 - 2005.02.28] Endless SHOCK - 76 shows
  • [2006.02.06 - 2006.03.29] Endless SHOCK - 76 shows
  • [2007.01.06 - 2007.02.28] Endless SHOCK - 81 shows
  • [2008.01.06 - 2008.02.26] Endless SHOCK - 76 shows
  • [2009.02.05 - 2009.03.30] Endless SHOCK - 76 shows


  • [1997] KYO TO KYO
  • [1998] KYO TO KYO
  • [1998] MASK (Osaka)
  • [1999] MASK (Tokyo)
  • [2004] MY MIRAGE2

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