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Mao Weijia

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Mao Weijia promoting "Shonichi" (2019)

Mao Weijia (毛唯嘉) is a Mandopop singer and Idol managed by Shanghai Shangyue Culture Development Co., Ltd. She is a 1st generation member of AKB48 Team SH and is currently the captain of the group.


AKB48 Team SH Song Participation


Single Participating Song Position/Unit
Shonichi Shonichi
Heavy Rotation
So long! NO WAY MAN
Kimi ni Tsuite Center w/ Liu Nian




  • She was originally a trainee under Z-Cherry Culture.
  • She joined AKB48 China as a Trainee in March 2018 through the AKB48 China Audition. She became a 1st generation member of AKB48 Team SH on July 24, 2018.


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