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Me ni wa Aoba Yama Hototogisu Hatsukoi

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Limited Edition A Cover
Limited Edition B Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Me ni wa Aoba Yama Hototogisu Hatsukoi (目には青葉 山ホトトギス 初恋)
Catalog Number
PCCA-03167 (Limited Edition A)
PCCA-03168 (Limited Edition B)
PCCA-03169 (Regular Edition)
¥1,500 (Limited Editions)
¥1,000 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Me ni wa Aoba Yama Hototogisu Hatsukoi (目には青葉 山ホトトギス 初恋)
  2. Bokura no Niwa (ボクラの庭)
  3. I no Standard (Iのスタンダード)
  4. Me ni wa Aoba Yama Hototogisu Hatsukoi (Instrumental) (目には青葉 山ホトトギス 初恋)
DVD Tracklist
  1. PV: Me ni wa Aoba Yama Hototogisu Hastsuoki (目には青葉 山ほととぎす 初恋)
  2. Documentary: "Me ni wa Aoba Yama Hototogisu Hastsuoki" Jacket & PV (ドキュメント:『目には青葉 山ホトトギス 初恋』ジャケット)
  3. Naked Wolves: Gyakushuu no Eide Ring!!! Ring!!! (ネイキッドウルブズ:逆襲のアイド・リング!!!リング!!!)
  4. Tokuten 3D Eizou: "[Don't Be Afraid|Don't be afraid]]" DVD Side by Side Format (特典3D映像)


"Me ni wa Aoba Yama Hototogisu Hatsukoi" is the 12th single released by Idoling!!!. It was released in three versions, a limited CD+DVD edition, a limited CD Only edition, and a regular CD Only edition. Limited CD+DVD edition and first presses of the regular edition include a random trading card; the limited CD Only edition includes a random QT card, all of them from sets of 20.

The title "Me ni wa Aoba Yama Hototogisu Hatsukoi" is derived from the old Japanese Haiku "Me ni wa Aoba, Yama Hototgisu, Hatsu Katsuo" that explains that upon seeing the appearance of Fresh Leaves and the chirping of the Mountain Cuckoo and the Skipjack Tuna (Bonito) is a sign that the early summer days has come. Hototogisu should not be confused with another Japanese word "Yama Hototogisu" which is an orchid that blooms in Autumn. The word "Hototogisu" is now obsolete in Japan and its new pronunciation is "Kakkou"

Featured Members

Idoling!!! promoting the single

This is the first Idoling!!! single to feature the 4th generation members.

Song Information

Okumura Aiko
Okumura Aiko
Other Information
Arrangement: Miyazaki Makoto

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 2 9 5 4 12 7 6 27,707
18 10 17 17 15 - - 19 4,698
8 - - - 39 - - 55 1,583
- - - - - - - 98 650
- - - - - - - out for three weeks
- - - - 16 - - 87 887

Total Reported Sales: 35,525

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