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Meili Rensheng (Beautiful)

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CD+VCD Cover
Celebration CD+VCD Cover
Fish Leong
Meili Rensheng (Beautiful) (美麗人生; Beautiful Life)
2003.02.12 (CD+VCD Edition)
2003.04.04 (Celebration CD+VCD Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Beautiful
  2. Wei Wo Hao (為我好; For My Good)
  3. Disanzhe (第三者; The Third Person)
  4. Meili Rensheng (美麗人生; Beautiful Life)
  5. Wo Bu Haipa (我不害怕; I'm Not Afraid)
  6. Ni Hai Zai Buzai (你還在不在; You're Still Not Here)
  7. Exingxunhuan (惡性循環; Vicious Cycle)
  8. Zui Kuaile Na Yi Nian (最快樂那一年; Happiest Year)
  9. Xiangzuo Zhuanxiang Youzhuan (向左轉向右轉; Turn Left, Turn Right)
  10. Yanlei De Ditu (眼淚的地圖; Map of Tears)
  11. Lucheng (旅程; Journey)
VCD1 Tracklist
  1. Wei Wo Hao (Drama Version) (MV)
VCD2 Tracklist
  1. Wei Wo Hao (MV)
  2. Disanzhe (MV)
  3. Beautiful (MV)
  4. Zui Kuaile Na Yi Nian (MV)
  5. Wo Bu Haipa (MV)


Meili Rensheng (Beautiful) is the fifth album released by Fish Leong. It was initially released in CD+VCD edition and later re-released with more music videos.

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