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Michingeo Aniya? (Go Crazy!)

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Standard Edition Cover
Grand Edition Cover
Michingeo Aniya? (GO CRAZY!) (미친거 아니야?; Aren't You Crazy?)
2014.09.15 (Standard Edition / Grand Edition - Physical Release)
2014.09.29 (Grand Edition - Digital Release)
CD Tracklist
  1. Michingeo Aniya? (미친거 아니야?)
  2. Oneul Gateun Bam (오늘 같은 밤; Like Tonight)
  3. She's ma girl
  4. Mine
  5. Awesome!
  6. Bigawa (비가와; It's Raining)
  7. Boyfriend
  8. Pull&Pull
  9. Ibyeolyeohaeng (이별여행; Farewell Journey)
  10. Beautiful (Kor. ver.)
  11. I'm Your Man (Kor. ver.)
"Grand Edition CD 2" Tracklist
  1. Superman (Jun.K + Wooyoung)
  2. Dorawajwo (feat. Baek Ah Yeon) (Taecyeon + Chansung) (돌아와줘; Please Comeback)
  3. Love is true (Junho + Nichkhun)
  4. Saranghandan Mal (Taecyeon + Chansung) (사랑한단 말; Saying I Love You)
  5. Michingeo Aniya? (BOYTOY Crazy Remix) (미친거 아니야?)
  6. Michingeo Aniya? (BOYTOY Vibe Remix) (미친거 아니야?)
  7. Michingeo Aniya? (djnure VS. Fingazz Remix) (미친거 아니야?)


Michingeo Aniya? (GO CRAZY!) is the fourth Korean album released by 2PM. The song of same title, "Michingeo Aniya?", was used as the title track. It was released in two editions: a Standard edition and a Grand edition, including a second disc with 4 duets of the members and 3 remixes of the title track. The album also include Korean versions of the songs "Beautiful" and "I'm Your Man", originally released in Japanese. A Japanese version of the title track was released 2 days later as single in Japan with the title "Midaretemina". The Grand edition was released digitally two weeks later than the physical album, in September 29.

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