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Album Cover
Miminari (耳鳴り; Ringing Ears)
Catalog Number
  1. Tokyo Hachimitsu Orchestra (東京ハチミツオーケストラ; Tokyo Honey Orchestra)
  2. Sayonara Good bye (さよなら; Good-bye)
  3. Weekend no Maboroshi (ウィークエンドのまぼろし; Phantasmic Weekend)
  4. Hana no Yume (Album Mix) (ハナノユメ; A Flower's Dream)
  5. Donaru, Denwa, Doshaburi (どなる、でんわ、どしゃぶり; Shouted, Telephone, and Downpour)
  6. Ittousei ni Narenakatta Kimi e (一等星になれなかった君へ; To You Who Was Not Able to Become a Star of the First Magnitude)
  7. Otogi no Kuni no Kimi (おとぎの国の君; Your Fantasy Land)
  8. Koi no Kemuri (Album Mix) (恋の煙; Smoke of Love)
  9. Ren'ai Spirits (恋愛スピリッツ; Love Spirits)
  10. Owarinaki BGM (終わりなき; Never Ending BGM)
  11. Plasma (プラズマ)
  12. Message (メッセージ)
  13. Hitori Dake (ひとりだけ; Just Myself)


Miminari is the debut full length album released by chatmonchy. The album was produced by Ishiwatari Junchi, a former memeber of the Japanese rock band SUPERCAR. The album was released following two singles: "Koi no Kemuri" and "Ren'ai Spirits". The album also contains a newly arragned version of "Hana no Yume", which is from the band's major label debut chatmonchy has come.

The album reached #10 on the weekly Oricon chart, and stayed on the chart for a total of 16 weeks. In all the album sold a total of 65,674 copies.

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