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Montage (Kahimi Karie)

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Album Cover
Kahimi Karie
Catalog Number
  1. When will you be back?
  2. Making our world
  3. Free line
  4. Pancartes (Ari no Gyoretsu) (蟻の行列; Ant Procession)
  5. Awarakai Tsuki (柔らかい月; Tender Moon)
  6. Send me your sun
  7. Divers
  8. Gila Gila
  9. I call you call me
  10. NANA


Montage is the fifth full length album recorded by Kahimi Karie. It is her second released under the Victor Entertainment label. Two months prior to the album's release Kahimi dropped the song "NANA" as a single; marking her first single since 1998's "One Thousand 20th Century Chairs". Montage was produced by Kahimi, Tokai Koki, and Kanda Tomoki. The song "Making our world" features Kahimi's original producer and ex-boyfriend Oyamada Keigo; He went on to help with "I'm in the rain" from 2006's NUNKI. Otomo Yoshihide also played guitar on the record and would be one of the key producers of NUNKI.

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