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LISAGO (呉梨沙) is a Japanese rock singer-songwriter. She is better known by her pen name Morimura Mera (森村メラ) under which she writes lyrics for pop acts such as W, Matsuura Aya, and SE7EN. Her solo work is quite unknown and over the years she has signed to various record labels. LISAGO is currently releasing music independently.


  • Stage names: LISAGO (呉梨沙) (solo career, rock composer; 1995, 1999-), Lisa (solo career; 1996-1998), Morimura Mera (森村メラ) (pop composer)
  • Nationality: Taiwanese


In 1995 LISAGO debuted on the Victor Entertainment record label with the single, "Subayaku Dakishimete". She soon followed up with her debut album, GO ON AND ROCK IT!. By the end of the year LISAGO released two more singles. Not long after her solo debut she made her debut as a lyricist and composer, working on various songs for artists such as Mazda Julia. In 1996 LISAGO changed her stage name to Lisa and it she was first credited this way on her fourth single, "Kitto Hare ni Naru".

In 1997 however, Lisa signed with Sony Music Entertainment and she re-debuted in April with "BOYFRIEND". She soon followed up with her third album (first released under Sony), Hoyo to KISS. After the release of two more singles and another album, Lisa again once parted ways with her record company. After Lisa's departure from Sony, she went on to sign with an indie label called, PUBLIC RED. With them she released her fifth album, SUNBEAMS. The following year she released her follow-up record, Moonbeams under Sapphirecords. MOONBEAMS was first released in the United States and was followed by a Japanese release two months later. After the release of an indie single "Fade away", Lisa once again signed with a major label, signing a deal with Toshiba EMI's sub-label Nurding.

In 2003, LISAGO signed with the indie record label, MASSIVE RECORDING. Their she released her eighth and ninth studio albums Kairo Maimai and Sukeru Nest. During this time she composed the majority of the tracks on indie manga-ka/musician D[di:]'s second album, Fire Star Man. In 2005 she started releasing music interdependently, without the backing of a record company. Her first independent release was the single, "yinyang". To this day LISAGO has no plans to return to a record label. She has stated on her website that releasing her music independently is the only way to release her music in its original and purest form.

Also around the time that LISAGO started to record independently, she also began writing lyrics for pop songs. Instead of crediting the lyrics to her normal stage name, she credited them to the pen name Morimura Mera. Under this name she has become well known for contributing lyrics to various Hello! Project groups and artists.


LISA GO promoting the "Subayaku Dakishimete" (1995)
Lisa Go promoting Moonbeams (2000)

Studio albums




Compilations / Other

  • [2001.12.20] BAKED APPLE (#7 Lisa - "ACROSS THE UNIVERSE")
  • [2002.03.07] DJ Boryuu Two Two Hidden Dragon Mix (#10 "Dabi no Kemu (W.M.P Remix)" (ダビノケム(W.M.P.リミックス))
  • [2005.11.25] compi vol.3 (#3 "BROKEN LIKE A RADIO")
  • [2007.11.21] Gothic Emily (#7 "Sora ni Inazuma" (空に稲妻; Lighting from the Sky)" , #8 "Nigen Yurikago" (人間揺り籠; Human Cradle))

Composed works

The following works are composed by and credited to LISAGO.

Asada Maki
Eye's eye
Goutani Hitsujisei
Mazda Julia
Nakamura Aki
Sera Masanori
Yoshida Takumi

The following works were composed by LISAGO and credited to her pen name Morimura Mera.

Matsuura Aya
Kotobuki Minako
Suzuki Airi

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