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Morning Cop ~Daite Hold on Me!~

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DVD Cover
Morning Musume / Heike Michiyo
Morning Cop ~Daite HOLD ON ME!~ (モーニング刑事。~抱いてHOLD ON ME!~)
1998.08.18 (Theaters)
1998.09.02 (VHS)
2000.12.08 (DVD)
Catalog Number
VCTB-852 (VHS)
DSZD-8001 (DVD)
¥4,750 (VHS)
¥4,725 (DVD)


Morning Cop ~Daite HOLD ON ME!~ (モーニング刑事。~抱いてHOLD ON ME!~) is a Hello! Project movie. It features the entire first and second generation of Morning Musume and Heike Michiyo as the main roles. This was the first movie for Morning Musume and Heike, and the last in which Fukuda and Ishiguro would appear.


Heike Michiyo is getting big in the idol business! She's recently appeared in the cover of the Lovely magazine, and her fanmail bags are getting bigger and bigger. However, she's also getting some creepy mail, until the point where it's obvious she's got a dangerous stalker preying her. The police seems useless in protecting Michiyo from the stalker, and so Morning Musume must take it upon their own hands to keep her safe!





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