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Morning Musume All Singles Complete ~10th Anniversary~

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Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Morning Musume
Catalog Number
EPCE-5505~7 (Limited Edition)
EPCE-5508~9 (Regular Edition)
¥4,200 (Limited Edition)
¥3,500 (Regular Edition)
Disc 1 Tracklist
  1. Morning Coffee (モ-ニングコ-ヒ-)
  2. Summer Night Town (サマーナイトタウン)
  3. Daite HOLD ON ME! (抱いてHOLD ON ME!; Hold Me, Hold on Me!)
  4. Memory Seishun no Hikari (Memory 青春の光; Memory, the Light of Youth)
  5. Manatsu no Kousen (真夏の光線; A Ray of Light in the Midsummer)
  6. Furusato (ふるさと; Hometown)
  7. LOVE Machine (LOVEマシ-ン)
  8. Koi no Dance Site (恋のダンスサイト; Love's Dance Site)
  9. Happy Summer Wedding (ハッピ-サマ-ウェディング)
  10. I WISH
  11. Renai Revolution 21 (恋愛レボリュ-ション21; Love Revolution 21)
  12. The☆Pea~ce! (ザ☆ピ~ス!)
  13. Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ (Mr.Moonlight ~愛のビッグバンド~; Mr. Moonlight ~Love's Big Band~)
  14. Souda! We're ALIVE (そうだ! We're ALIVE; That's Right! We're Alive)
  15. Do it! Now
  16. Koko ni Iruzee! (ここにいるぜぇ!; I'm Here!)
  17. Morning Musume no Hyokkori Hyoutanjima (モーニング娘。のひょっこりひょうたん島; Morning Musume's Unexpected Contradictory Island)
Disc 2 Tracklist
  2. Shabondama (シャボン玉; Bubbles)
  3. Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ (Go Girl ~恋のヴィクトリー~; Go Girl ~Love's Victory~)
  4. Ai Araba IT'S ALL RIGHT (愛あらば IT'S ALL RIGHT; If There's Love, It's All Right)
  5. Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~ (浪漫 ~MY DEAR BOY~; Romance ~My Dear Boy~)
  6. Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari (女子かしまし物語; The Story of Noisy Girls)
  7. Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago (涙が止まらない放課後; Tears That Won't Stop After School)
  8. THE Manpower!!! (THE マンパワー!!!)
  9. Osaka Koi no Uta (大阪 恋の歌; Osaka Love Song)
  10. Iroppoi Jirettai (色っぽい じれったい; Sexy Impatience)
  11. Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookiizo!~ (直感2 ~逃した魚は大きいぞ!~; Intuition 2 ~The Fish That Got Away Was Big!~)
  12. SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte (SEXY BOY ~そよ風に寄り添って~; Sexy Boy ~Nestled by the Breeze~)
  13. Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan (Ambitious! 野心的でいいじゃん; Ambitious! Ambition is Good)
  14. Aruiteru (歩いてる; Walking)
  15. Egao YES Nude (笑顔YESヌード; Smile Yes Nude)
  16. Kanashimi Twilight (悲しみトワイライト; Sorrowful Twilight)
  17. Onna ni Sachi Are (女に 幸あれ; All the Best to Women)
  18. HELLO TO YOU ~Hello! Project 10 Shuunen Kinen Theme~ (HELLO TO YOU ~ハロー! プロジェクト10周年記念テーマ~; Hello to You ~Hello! Project 10th Anniversary Commemoration Theme~)
Limited Edition DVD Tracklist
  1. Nakazawa Yuko's Selection: I WISH
  2. Iida Kaori's Selection: Do it! Now
  3. Abe Natsumi's Selection: Koko ni Iruzee! (ここにいるぜぇ!)
  4. Yasuda Kei's Selection: AS FOR ONE DAY
    • Performance from Morning Musume Concert Tour 2003 Haru "NON STOP!"
  5. Goto Maki's Selection: Do it! Now
  6. Ishikawa Rika's Selection: The☆Pea~ce! (ザ☆ピ~ス!)
    • Performance from Morning Musume LOVE IS ALIVE! 2002 Natsu at Yokohama Arena
  7. Yoshizawa Hitomi's Selection: Souda! We're ALIVE (そうだ! We're ALIVE)
  8. Takahashi Ai's Selection: Do it! Now
    • Performance from Morning Musume LOVE IS ALIVE! 2002 Natsu at Yokohama Arena
  9. Konno Asami's Selection: Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan (Ambitious! 野心的でいいじゃん)
  10. Niigaki Risa's Selection: Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ (Mr.Moonlight ~愛のビッグバンド~)
  11. Kamei Eri's Selection: Do it! Now
    • Performance from Morning Musume Concert Tour 2003 Haru "NON STOP!"
  12. Michishige Sayumi's Selection: Aruiteru (歩いてる)
  13. Tanaka Reina's Selection: Shabondama (シャボン玉)
  14. Kusumi Koharu's Selection: Iroppoi Jirettai (色っぽい じれったい)
  15. Mitsui Aika's Selection: Shabondama (シャボン玉)
    • Performance from Morning Musume Concert Tour 2006 Aki ~Odore! Morning Curry~
  16. Junjun's Selection: Egao YES Nude (笑顔YESヌード)
  17. Linlin's Selection: Onna ni Sachi Are (女に 幸あれ)


Morning Musume ALL SINGLES COMPLETE ~10th ANNIVERSARY~ is a compilation of Morning Musume's thirty-four singles, released to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The album was released in both limited and regular editions; the limited coming with a bonus DVD. The album reached #6 on the Oricon charts and charted for seven weeks, selling 47,130 copies.

Oricon Chart Positions

Morning Musume promoting the album
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 3 4 6 8 8 9 6 30,922
10 15 16 17 21 18 27 19 7,892
24 48 - - 45 44 48 53 3,214
44 - - - - - - 85 1,910
- - - - - - - 155 1,398
- - - - - - - 184 1,030
- - - - - - - 286 764

Total Reported Sales: 47,130

Other Chart Positions
Country Chart Weeks
Taiwan Global Chart 11 - - - - - -
Japanese Chart 1 2 6 8 8 20 18

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