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Motorhead and Fuck

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Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her
Motohead and Fuck
Side A
  1. It's Good It's Real
  2. Gimmie
  3. You And Me, Now
  4. S.F.U.S.A.
  5. Happy Pills (Mono Version)
  6. No Bed Of Roses
  7. Good-Bye Blues
  8. Side Walkin'
Side B
  1. Long
  2. Outa Head
  3. Swallow Up (Clear Version)
  4. See, Window And My Sky (Dedicated To Kanako)
  5. N.Y. Nite Fever '95
  6. Sex Maniacs
  7. Fitting


Motohead and Fuck is a demo tape released by Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her. The tape was recorded by the band and distributed to major record labels in 1995, and landed the band a record deal with Polystar records. The demo was recorded onto a cassette tape, but is often refered by the band as their 8-track demo.

Many of the songs were later re-recorded by the band, and released through their major label career. "N.Y. Nite Fever '95" and "Swallow Up (Clear Version)", were new versions of songs from their indie EP, Swallow Up. The songs "Fitting" and "It's Good It's Real" were featured on the band's major label debut in 1996, Fly. Most of the songs were released on their first full-length album, Give Them Back to Me. Three songs were never re-released by the band: "S.F.U.S.A.", "See, Window And My Sky", and "Sex Maniacs".

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