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My Love (Janice album)

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CD Art
My Love
  1. Sap Goh Ta Bat Yue Nei Yat (十個他不如你一個; Ten of Him is Incomparable to One of You)
  2. Yat To Ng Wooi (一埸誤會; Misunderstanding)
  3. Gam Ye Nei Bat Wooi Loi (今夜你不會來 (廣東版); Are You Coming Tonight? (Cantonese Version))
  4. Hau Fa Fa (口花花; Sweet Talker)
  5. Goodbye (original: Air Supply)
  6. Sam Luen Yue Ma (心亂如麻; Utterly Confused)
  7. My Love My Fate
  8. Daai Goh (大哥; Big Brother)
  9. Ngoh Seung Oi Jau Oi (我想愛就愛; Love When I Want to Love)
  10. Never Let You Go
  11. My Love (Interlude)
  12. Jin Ye Ni Bu Kuai Lai (今夜你不會來 (國語版); Are you Coming Tonight? (Mandarin Version))


My Love is Janice's first original album and second full studio album overall. This album contains songs in Cantonese, Mandarin and English, with Daai Gooh (Track 8 and 10) and Gam Ye Nei Bat Wooi Loi (Track 3 and 12) having versions in two languages.