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My Reflection

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DVD art
Kuraki Mai
My Reflection
Catalog Number
DISC 1 ~clip selection~
  1. Opening Movie
  2. Reach for the sky (PV)
  3. Tsumetai Umi (冷たい海; Cold Sea) (PV)
  4. Stand Up (PV)
  5. always (PV)
  7. Making Scene of Clips
  8. Can't forget your love (PV)
  9. Winter Bells (PV)
  10. Feel fine! (PV)
  11. Like a star in the night (PV)
  12. Make my day (PV)
  13. Fairy tale ~my last teenage wish~ (PV)
  14. Making Scene of Clips
  15. Time after time ~Hana Mau Machi de~ (花舞う街で) (PV)
  16. Kiss (PV)
  17. Kaze no Lalala (風のららら) (PV)
  18. SAME (PV)
  19. If I Believe (PV)
  20. Discography
DISC 2 ~live selection~
Mai Kuraki FAIRY TALE Tour 02-03 at Tokyo International Forum
  1. Fairy tale ~my last teenage wish~
  2. Ride on time
  3. Delicious Way
  5. Stay by my side
  6. Secret of my heart
  7. fantasy
  8. Like a star in the night
  9. Give me one more chance
  10. Everything's All Right
  11. Love, Day After Tomorrow
  12. Feel fine!
  13. Stand Up
  14. always
Kyoto Gakusei Saiten - Heianjingu Live at 平安神宮特設ステージ
  1. Kaze no Lalala (風のららら)
  2. Time after time ~Hana Mau Machi de~ (花舞う街で)
  3. Stand Up
GIZA Studio Valentine Concert at Nippon Budoukan
  1. Baby I like
  2. Stepping∞Out
  3. thankful
Mai Kuraki & Experience Special Live at 大阪厚生年金會館
  1. If I Believe
  2. Just A Little Bit
  3. Stay by my side -voices version-


My Reflection, is Kuraki Mai's second PV collectionrt DVD and fourth video release overall. It was released to commemorate her 5th anniversary, with her first best album being released a week before. This DVD comes in a box package with a Photobook. It reached #1 on Oricon Weekly Ranking and charted for twenty weeks.

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