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NANA (anime)

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NANA (ナナ) is an anime adapted from the popular manga series of the same name. It debuted April 5th, 2006. Each episode runs approximately 24 minutes and airs Wednesdays at 11:25PM on NTV.


See NANA (manga).


See NANA (manga).


As music is featured heavily in the plot, a lot of care had to be taken to find the right artist who would project the image of Oosaki Nana/Black Stones and Serizawa Reira/Trapnest. Tsuchiya Anna was chosen to play the role of Nana's singing voice and Olivia Lufkin was similarly chosen for Reira. The NANA pseudonyms that replaced the artist's standard stage name had a similar style to that used for the movie theme songs (i.e. "NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA"), where both the artist's name and their role are stated (for example, "ANNA inspi' NANA (BLACK STONES)"). The artists chosen for the singing voices of the characters had three major roles: to sing the opening/ending theme songs, to sing several extra songs inserted into the soundtrack as well as sing whenever the plot showed the character singing (for example, Oosaki Nana singing on a table).

Opening Theme Songs

  • (ep.01-ep.21) rose (ANNA inspi' NANA (BLACK STONES))
  • (ep.22-ep.36.5) Wish (OLIVIA inspi' REIRA (TRAPNEST))
  • (ep.37-ep.??) LUCY (ANNA inspi' NANA (BLACK STONES))

Ending Theme Songs

Insert Songs

Episode List

  • Episode 01 - Joshou - Nana to Nana (Prologue - (Komatsu) Nana and [Oosaki] Nana)
  • Episode 02 - Koi? Yuujou? Nana to Shouji (Love? Friendship? [Komatsu] Nana and Shouji)
  • Episode 03 - Nana to Shouji, Koi no Yukue ([Komatsu] Nana and Shouji, The Whereabouts of Love)
  • Episode 04 - Nana no Koi, Nana no Yume ([Komatsu] Nana's Love, [Oosaki] Nana's Dream)
  • Episode 05 - Ren no Yume, Nana no Omoi (Ren's Dream, [Oosaki] Nana's Memories)
  • Episode 06 - Yuki no Joukyou! Nana to Nana (Snow on the Way to Tokyo! [Komatsu] Nana and [Oosaki] Nana)
  • Episode 07 - Yasu Toujou! 707goushitsu (Yasu Appears! Room 707)
  • Episode 08 - Ichigo Gurasu to Ren no Hana (The Strawberry Glasses and Ren's Flower*)
  • Episode 09 - Nobu Joukyou! Nana no Uta (Nobu Comes to Tokyo! [Oosaki] Nana's Song)
  • Episode 10 - Bishounen Shin Toujou! (Pretty Boy Shin's Appearance!)
  • Episode 11 - Sachiko, Wazato da yo? (Sachiko, It's Intentional, You Know?)
  • Episode 11.5 - Junko no Heya (Junko's Room)
  • Episode 12 - Kyuu Sekkin! Shouji to Sachiko (Suddenly Getting Closer! Shouji and Sachiko)
  • Episode 13 - Sachiko no Namida, Shouji no Kesshin (Sachiko's Tears, Shouji's Determination)
  • Episode 14 - Shurajou no Famiresu (Fight Scene at the Family Restaurant)
  • Episode 15 - Burasuto, Hatsu Raibu (Blast, First Live)
  • Episode 16 - Nana no Koi no Yukue (The Whereabouts of [Oosaki] Nana's Love)
  • Episode 17 - Toranesu, Raibu (Trapnest, Live)
  • Episode 18 - Hachi no Inori, Nana no Omoi (Hachi's Prayer, Nana's Memory)
  • Episode 19 - Nana no Gohoubi ([Komatsu] Nana's Prize)
  • Episode 20 - Kyuutenkai! Hachi no Unmei (Acceleration! Hachi's Fate)
  • Episode 21 - Suiitoruumu no Yume (Suiteroom Dream)
  • Episode 21.5 - Junko no Heya (Junko's Room)
  • Episode 22 - Tanabata no Negai, Hachi no Koi (Wish Of July 7th, Hachi's Love)
  • Episode 23 - Dare ni mo Watashitakunai (I Don't Want to Hand You Over to Anybody)
  • Episode 24 - Midareru Hachi no Kokoro (Hachi's Confused Heart)
  • Episode 25 - Kimagure de Katte na Otoko (A Capricious and Selfish Man)
  • Episode 26 - Surechigau Hachi to NANA (The Passing Hachi and NANA)
  • Episode 27 - Hachi no Hoshii Mirai (Hachi's Desired Future)
  • Episode 28 - Hachi to Nobu, Kyuu Sekkin (Hachi and Nobu, Urgent Approach)
  • Episode 29 - Aijou Hyougen no Mondai (The Problem of Expressing Love)
  • Episode 30 - Kekkai Girigiri, NANA no Kokoro (Breakdown, NANA's Heart)
  • Episode 31 - Hachiko, Ninshin (Hachiko, Pregnant)
  • Episode 32 - Tsunaida Te wo Hanasanai de (Don't Separate the Joined Hands)
  • Episode 33 - Hachi no Sentaku (Hachi's Choice)
  • Episode 34 - Wareta Ichigo no GURASU (The Broken Strawberry Glass)
  • Episode 35 - Reira no Kodoku (Reira's Loneliness)
  • Episode 36 - BURASUTO Shinkyoku!! (Blast's New Song!!)
  • Episode 36.5 - Junko no Heya (Junko's Room)
  • Episode 37 - Hachi, Shiroganeeze (Hachi, High-Class Housewife)
  • Episode 38 - Unmei no hikigane (The Trigger of Fate)
  • Episode 39 - Hachiko, mi tero yo (Look, Hachiko)
  • Episode 40 - BURASUTO, DEBYUU! (Blast, Debut!)
  • Episode 41 - BURASUTO gasshuku (Blast Lodging Together)
  • Episode 42 - NANA, totsuzen no hossa (NANA, Sudden Fit)
  • Episode 43 - BURASUTO, GERIRA RAIBU (Blast, Guerilla Live)
  • Episode 44 - BURASUTO VS TORANESU (Blast VS Trapnest)
  • Episode 45 - BURASUTO TV hatsu shutsuen (Blast's First TV Performance)
  • Episode 46 - Saikai! Hachi to Shoji (Reunion! Hachi and Shoji)
  • Episode 47 - Hanabi taikai, Hachi to NANA (The Fireworks Display, Hachi and NANA)
  • Episode 8 - The character for Ren in this case is 蓮, which is most commonly known as hasu, or lotus flower. However, Oosaki Nana uses the reading of ren for it because of Honjou Ren.


  • Episode 6 is considered a rehash of episode 1 with slight changes made and some additional scenes. NANA creator Yazawa Ai didn't like the direction the writers were going in with some characters and felt it was straying from the original story, so she demanded they fix it.
  • There has been criticism from audiences who dislike the fact that the seiyuu for the main singers in the anime (Oosaki Nana and Serizawa Reira) do not sing in the series, with Tsuchiya Anna and OLIVIA doing all singing parts instead.
  • Episode 11.5 is not only a look back at the past 11 episodes, it also pays homage to the "Junko's Room" bonus pages at the end of each volume of manga for NANA, in which the characters come to Junko's Room, a pub in a building that connects all of author Yazawa Ai's characters.
  • In the manga, Misato and Oosaki Nana went to Tokyo Disneyland, but due to copyright issues in episode 15 they simply went to "yuuenchi", the Japanese word for "amusement park". The Minnie Mouse ear hats were also replaced with generic mouse-ear hats.
  • In episode 44, when Nobu is looking at a list of rock bands, the name "Mongorian Chop Squad" can be clearly seen above the name Trapnest. Mongorian Chop Squad refers to Beck, another anime/manga series about a rock band.


The first DVDs containing episodes of the anime was released July 7th, 2006 at a special price of 707yen. Volumes have been released on a monthly basis since then. Cell phone accessories also went on sale in July 2006, including phone straps, peep blockers, cell phone casings, and decorative stickers. Special versions of Gigabeat were also released with NANA themes.

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