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Olympic Duet Song Festival

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Album Cover
Various Artists
Olympic Duet Song Festival (올림픽대로 듀엣가요제)
Release date
  1. Let's Dance - Future Liger (Yoo Jae Suk, Tiger JK, Tasha) (퓨처라이거(윤미래, 타이거JK, 날유))
  2. Señorita - Charisma (Jun Jin, Lee Jung Hyun) (세뇨리따 - 카리스마(잔진, 이정현))
  3. B.B.Q - Three People and Pig Face (Jung Hyung Don, Epik High) (바베큐 - 삼자돼면(豚面) 노홍철, 에픽하이)
  4. The Heat Gull - DolBrain (Noh Hong Chul, No Brain) (더위먹은 갈매기 - 돌브레인(홍칠, 노브레인))
  5. Cool Noodles - MyeongKa Drive (Park Myung Soo, Jessica) (냉면 - 명카드라이브(하찮은, 제시카))
  6. Spring Chicken Soup - After Shave (Jung Joon Ha, After School) (영계백숙 - 애프터쉐이빙(정주나, 애프터스쿨))
  7. I'm Cool - Uncomfortable People (Gil, YB) (난 멋있어 - 안편한사람들(YB, 길))


Olympic Duet Song Festival is an album released by the members of the TV-show Infinity Challenge. Each member of the program chose a famous singer/band/group to compose a song about summer and perform live along with him, in a special edition of the show. The tracklist order shows the final results of the contests.
The winners, "Future Liger", were able to perform on Music Core in July 18, as reward for winning. Though they ranked fourth, "MyeongKa Drive"'s song gained much popularity, and in July 25 they also performed on Music Core.
All the profits of the album, sold digitally and through MBC's website, were donated to charity.

In December 16, the album won the "2009 Special Album" award at the "MelOn Music Awards" competing against Davichi, SS501, Baek Ji Young and MC Mong.

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