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Pandora (Angela Chang)

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Regular Cover
CD+DVD+Photo Album Cover
Angela Chang
Pandora (潘朵拉)
2006.02.24 (CD+DVD+Photo Album Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Yǐnxíng De Chìbǎng (隱形的翅膀; Invisible Wings)
  2. Pandora (潘朵拉)
  3. Xiāngshuǐ Bǎihé (香水百合; Perfume Lilly)
  4. Zhēn De (真的; Really)
  5. Zuìjìn (最近; Recently)
  6. Jīngtiāndòngdì (驚天動地; Shaken World)
  7. Bǎohùsè (保護色; Camouflage)
  8. Kǒudài De Tiānkōng (口袋的天空; Pocket's Sky)
  9. Àiqíng Lǚchéng (愛情旅程; Love Journey)
  10. Xǐhuan Nǐ Méi Dàolǐ (喜歡你沒道理; Like You Without Reason)
  11. Yǒngzhòu (永晝; Forever Daytime)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Pandora (MV)
  2. Yǐnxíng De Chìbǎng (MV)
  3. Zhēn De (MV)
  4. Xǐhuan Nǐ Méi Dàolǐ (MV)
  5. Xiāngshuǐ Bǎihé (MV)
  6. Kǒudài De Tiānkōng (MV)
  7. Bǎohùsè (MV)
  8. Bump Off Lover Highlights


Pandora is the third album released by Angela Chang. It later re-released with a behind-the-scenes photo album and a bonus DVD including seven music videos and highlights to the drama Bump Off Lover.

G-Music Charts

Week Rank Sales (%)
3 2.75

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