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Punch Line!

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First Press Limited Ed. Cover
Digital Edition & Regular Edition Cover
Limited Anime Edition Cover
Digital Single Cover
Complete Edition Cover
2015.04.10 (Digital Single)
2015.04.21 (Digital Edition & Complete Edition)
2015.04.29 (Physical Editions)
Catalog Number
SRCL-8794~5 (First Press Limited Edition)
SRCL-8796 (Regular Edition)
SRCL-8797~8 (Limited Anime Edition)
¥1,700 (Limited Editions)
¥1,300 (Regular Edition)
¥250 (Digital Single)
¥1,200 (Digital Edition)
¥1,600 (Complete Edition)
CD Tracklist
  • First Press Limited / Regular Edition
  2. LUCKY DIP / Nakagawa Shoko
  3. PUNCH LINE! instrumental
  4. LUCKY DIP instrumental
  • Limited Anime Edition
  2. make a wish ♡ / Nakagawa Shoko
  3. PUNCH LINE! instrumental
  4. make a wish ♡ instrumental
DVD Tracklist
  • First Press Limited Edition
  1. "PUNCH LINE!" Music Video
  2. "PUNCH LINE!" Music Video Making Video
  • Limited Anime Edition
  1. "PUNCH LINE!" Music Video
  2. TV Anime "Punchline" Opening Video (Non-Credit ver.) (TVアニメ「パンチライン」オープニング映像(ノンクレジットver.))
"Digital Single" Tracklist
  1. PUNCH LINE! (Anime Size) (PUNCH LINE!(アニメサイズ))
"Digital Edition" Tracklist
  2. LUCKY DIP / Nakagawa Shoko
  3. make a wish ♡ / Nakagawa Shoko
  4. PUNCH LINE! instrumental
  5. LUCKY DIP instrumental
  6. make a wish ♡ instrumental
"Complete Edition" Tracklist
  2. PUNCH LINE! (Nakagawa Shoko Mousou Panchiraboisu-Tsuki ver.) (PUNCH LINE!(中川翔子・妄想パンチラボイス付きver.))
  3. PUNCH LINE! (Yumemi Nemu Mousou Panchiraboisu-Tsuki ver.) (PUNCH LINE!(夢眠ねむ・妄想パンチラボイス付きver.))
  4. PUNCH LINE! (Aizawa Risa Mousou Panchiraboisu-Tsuki ver.) (PUNCH LINE!(相沢梨紗・妄想パンチラボイス付きver.))
  5. PUNCH LINE! (Furukawa Mirin Mousou Panchiraboisu-Tsuki ver.) (PUNCH LINE!(古川未鈴・妄想パンチラボイス付きver.))
  6. PUNCH LINE! (Fujisaki Ayane Mousou Panchiraboisu-Tsuki ver.) (PUNCH LINE!(藤咲彩音・妄想パンチラボイス付きver.))
  7. PUNCH LINE! (Mogami Moga Mousou Panchiraboisu-Tsuki ver.) (PUNCH LINE!(最上もが・妄想パンチラボイス付きver.))
  8. PUNCH LINE! (Naruse Eimi Mousou Panchiraboisu-Tsuki ver.) (PUNCH LINE!(成瀬瑛美・妄想パンチラボイス付きver.))


"PUNCH LINE!" is a collaborative single released by Nakagawa Shoko and under the stage name ShokotanDempagumi. It was released in three editions: a first press limited CD+DVD edition, a regular CD only edition, and a limited Anime CD+DVD edition. The title track was used as the opening theme for the anime Punchline, while "LUCKY DIP" was used as theme song for a short commercial for the Quiz/RPG game Mahoutsukai to Kuro Neko no Whiz (Witch and Black Cat Whiz).

The digital single was released 20 days earlier, the digital edition and complete edition was released a week before than the physical edition. On the same day the continuation of the song was digitally released, titled "Zoku PUNCH LINE!", and credited as DempagumiShokotan, two months later the song was included on the single "Otsukare Summer!" released by

Song Information

ShokotanDempagumi promoting the single
Maeyamada Kenichi
Maeyamada Kenichi
Other Information
Arrangement: Maeyamada Kenichi
Programming: Maeyamada Kenichi
Guitar: Itagaki Yusuke
Mix & Recording Engineer: Teruuchi Norikatsu (AobadaiStudio Inc.)

Recording Studio: Sony Music Studios ROKUBANCHO Mixing Studio: YGRoom


There are two known versions of "Punch Line!" to be found in Nakagawa Shoko's discography. These include:

Punch Line!
Found on the "Punch Line!" single as track #1. This is the main version.
PUNCH LINE! instrumental
Found on the "Punch Line!" single as track #3 on the physical editions and as track #3 on the digital edition. This is the instrumental version.

Oricon Chart Positions

The single reached #13 on the weekly Oricon chart, and stayed on the chart for a total of five weeks.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 12 10 13 13 12 10 14 15,838
27 28 36 27 30 3 34 13 5,102
33 - - - - - - 74 933
- - - - - - - 126 516
- - - - - - - 174 355

Total Reported Sales: 22,754*

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