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Reijou Bara Zukan

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Album Cover
Reijou Bara Zukan (令嬢薔薇図鑑; Miss Rose Picture Book)
Catalog Number
¥ 3,000
  1. Reijou Bara Zukan (令嬢薔薇図鑑; Miss Rose Picture Book)
  2. Rose-ka no Futago-tachi (ローズ家の双子達; The Twins of the Rose House)
  3. Hayabusa no Shiro Bara (隼の白バラ; Falcon's White Rose)
  4. Bara Shoukan (薔薇娼館; Rose Brothel)
  5. Roudoku Suru Jochuu to Chiisana Reijou (朗読する女中と小さな令嬢; The Reciting Maid and the Little Miss)
  6. Shoujo to Suimittou (少女と水蜜桃; Girl and Peach)
  7. Kuroyuri Onmitsu Kagekidan (黒百合隠密カゲキダン; Black Lily Secret Opera Company)
  8. Namu Jigoku Taibosatsu (南無地獄大菩薩; Namo Hell Bodhisattva)
  9. Minu Tomo e (見ぬ友へ; To an Unseen Friend)
  10. Inishihe Hito no Kotoba (いにしへひとの言葉; Words of an Ancient Person)


Reijou Bara Zukan is the 13th Studio album released by ALI PROJECT. The album reached #22 on the Oricon weekly charts, charted for three weeks, selling 4,304 copies.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 14 11 19 22 38 - 22 3,298
- - - - - - - 153 592
- - - - - - - 271 414

Total Reported Sales: 4,304

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