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Remember (S.E.S album)

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Album Cover
  1. Candy Lane
  2. Remember
  3. Paradise (한 폭의 그림)
  4. Birthday
  5. My Rainbow (친구-세번째 이야기)
  6. Hush
  7. Life (산다는 건 다 그런 게 아니겠니)
  8. The Light (그대로부터 세상 빛은 시작되고)
  9. Love [story]
  10. Remember (English Ver.)


Remember is a special Korean language studio album (eighth overall) released by S.E.S. The album marks the first release of original material by the group since Choose My Life-U in 2002, and first official release since the compilation album Beautiful Songs in 2003, shortly before the trio's disbandment. The group's reunion and the album's release is in honor of S.E.S.'s twentieth anniversary since their debut with the 1997 album I'm Your Girl.

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