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SUPER GiRLS Live Tour 2013 ~Celebration~ at Shibuya Kokaido

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DVD Cover
Blu-ray+DVD Cover
SUPER☆GiRLS Live Tour 2013 ~Celebration~ at Shibuya Kokaido (SUPER☆GiRLS Live Tour 2013 ~Celebration~ at 渋谷公会堂)
Catalog Number
AVBD-39133 (DVD)
AVXD-39132/B (Blu-ray+DVD)
¥5,250 (DVD)
¥7,140 (Blu-ray+DVD)
Blu-ray Disc 1, DVD Disc 1 Tracklist
  1. Welcome to ♥ S☆G Show!! III
  3. Renai Manifesto (恋愛マニフェスト)
  4. Joshiryoku←Paradise (女子力←パラダイス)
  5. Ganbatte seishun (がんばって 青春)
  6. Tokimeki iro no kaze to Kimi (ときめき色の風とキミ)
  7. Minami kaze payapaya (南風パヤパヤ)
  8. Muchuu Material (夢中マテリアル)
  9. Junjou Cinderella (純情シンデレラ)
  10. EXIT
  11. Kizuna days (絆デイズ)
  12. Renai Rule (恋愛ルール)
  13. Yakusoku no hanataba (約束の花束)
  14. Akai Jounetsu (赤い情熱)
  15. Yume no inryoku (夢の引力)
  16. Puripuri Summer Kiss (プリプリ♥SUMMERキッス)
  17. Max! Otomegokoro (MAX! 乙女心)
  18. EveryBody JUMP!!
  19. Rave Together!!! (Encore)
  20. 1,000,000 Smile (1,000,000☆スマイル) (Encore)
  21. Celebration (Encore)
  22. Miracle ga Tommanai! (みらくるが止まンないっ!) (Double Encore)
Blu-ray+DVD Disc 2 DVD Tracklist
  • Bonus Features
  1. Documentary Of Shibuya Kokaido -2013.03.23-


SUPER☆GiRLS Live Tour 2013 ~Celebration~ at Shibuya Kokaido is the fourth live DVD released by SUPER☆GiRLS. It contains the recording from Shibuya Kokaido concert from their Celebration Tour on March 23, 2013. It was released in two editions: a 2 DVD set and a Blu-ray+DVD which included a documentary.