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Sakurakou K-ON Bu

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Sakurakou K-ON Bu (2009)

Sakurakou K-ON Bu (桜高軽音部) is a Japanese pop group formed by four voice actresses to sing theme songs for the anime K-ON!.



Sakurakou K-ON Bu was formed based of the fictional group on the same name in the anime K-ON!. Their two debut singles, "Cagayake! GIRLS" and "Don't say "lazy"" were released simultaneously on April 22nd, 2009. "Cagayake! GIRLS" featured main vocals by Toyosaki Aki while "Don't say "lazy"" was leaded by Hikasa Yoko. Due to the popularity of the anime series, "Don't say "lazy"" peaked #2 on the Oricon weekly charts while "Cagayake! GIRLS" landed at #4. Following the success of their two first singles, the group released their third single, "Fuwa Fuwa Time" on May 20th, 2009 which reached #3 on the Oricon charts.

In May 2009, a new unit was formed by Sakurakou K-ON Bu with an additional girl, Nakano Azusa (voiced by Taketatsu Ayana). They released their debut mini-album HO-KAGO TEA TIME on July 22nd, 2009. The album reached #1 on the Oricon daily charts, being the first character album to topped the Oricon charts.



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